How True Self serums came to “BE”

On the path to wellness I have come across many products that whispered skin care, health and wellness. Over the last 30 years the subject of natural health has been inspiring me to keep learning. When I coupled this with my passion for art and merged the two the creation of True Self serums was born. My first thought was to create a skin care line for normal dry and oily skin but that was not in the bigger plan. My years as an energetic tester (the art of muscle testing) would challenge me to look deeper into the formulations. The findings would end up being based on reflexology of the face. The forehead, cheeks, jaw, upper lip and neck/décolletage would each call for a different combination of natural ingredients. I dove deeply into this subject researching and developing solutions that would be tested on skin challenges, only to realize that what I was doing was using the face as my art canvas to bring health and well being to organs and glands using the ancient healing technique of facial reflexology.

Once I started making them a second affirmation would come, the natural colors created for each different serum would call me back to the same color palate I used as a paper maker for 25 years! Without a doubt I knew this was my new mater piece and I’m excited to share this 5 part serum discovery with you!

Thank you and enjoy all the many benefits they have to offer, and remember to let your “True Self” glow.