"We have been using Maypa Herbal Products for the last few years and have found positive and lasting relief for many of our Lyme patients and would highly recommend these products for the treatment of Lyme disease and co-infections. Our patients tell us they are amazed at how well they work."

Robert P Deutsch, D.C.
Deutsch Chiropractic
Portland, Maine


"I find that Maypa Herbal Products have been beneficial in treating Lyme and co-infections. They're easily tolerated and promote positive outcome without Herxheimer reaction." 

Patrick Mulcahy, D.O.
Southern Maine Integrative Health
Kennebunk, Maine

"The combination of Formula Green and Formula Energy has provided a new deep sense of wellbeing in my body and my cells. It has enhanced my overall energy, focus and health."

Melissa Boyd
Deep Blue Truth
Kennebunk, Maine

"I have used Maypa Herbal Products both personally and with others dealing with Lyme disease and co-infections over the past year with promising results. The products are effective and well tolerated and provide good solutions for helping the body to address chronic infections."

Scott Forsgren
Health Coach/Nutritional Consultant
Santa Clara, California

"The Maypa Herbal Products provide wonderful healing support and work with the body to encourage healing gently and safely. They help the body to naturally cleanse and nourish itself. My husband, who suffers from Lyme disease, indicated that he felt a difference within a few days of beginning these supplements."

Grace Eason, PhD.
Professor of Environmental Science Education
University of Maine Farmington
Farmington, Maine

"I started taking Formula Energy once a day. I noticed that I felt more vibrant and vital, that my overall energy level was higher, and that my system felt more balanced. Three of four months after taking it, I was able to stop taking an adrenal supplement that I had taken for several years. I recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their vitality.”

Jane Faulkner
Coach and Facilitator PPC
Seattle, Washington

“Energetic shifts can be unsettling - at times you may question your own sanity. Padi is an expert guide in these matters, supporting you as your experience unfolds. Padi shares known practices and protocols, but her greatest gift is holding space for the unfolding of your experience, whatever it may be, and helping you flow into it naturally, unbounded by rigid structures. Padi shares her expertise with great joy and humility. Wherever you are on your journey, you will move forward with renewed confidence and clarity to follow your own path.”

Lorrie O.

"Padi has been instrumental in my recovery from Lyme Disease. Between her intuitive nutritional instruction and homeopathic products, I have seen steady progress. Because she works closely with my doctors, treatments and medicines have complemented each other. I quickly realized that they respect Padi's work and results. I have also taken classes with her to learn how to become more aware and responsible for my own intuitive gifts and healing skills. Padi is always ready to guide, encourage and provide a path to better health and well-being."

Patti C.

"As a family physician, I have been searching for effective complementary modalities to offer my patients and peers that can better address their health concerns and persistent symptoms- people who have jumped from conventional specialist to specialist without relief or answers. I am so grateful to have met Padi this year. I am seeing how she helps people heal from within, empowering them to get truly well. Her products, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and intuitive assessments are safe and can be performed and taken alongside traditional medication. My hope is that as people make the appropriate changes in their lifestyle toward health, with Padi as one of their guides, they can slowly start to wean off their medications as their symptoms and chronic medical conditions improve."

Donna Kim, M.D.

"Padi Mayhew's medical intuitive sessions are healing and life altering. She gave me the information I needed to know about Lyme disease and why it was able to root itself so deeply in my body. Padi also gave me the tools to change it.  And all of this over the phone! Using her skills she told me what my body needed to heal from the disease. I made the dietary and lifestyle changes she suggested. Her advice was spot on! As I got better, we had additional phone sessions to tweak the protocols to further my progress.  Thank you Padi for helping me heal from a debilitating illness while creating a better balanced life!"

J.P., Dover, NH