Medical Intuition

What is medical intuition?

Medical intuition has been used throughout the ages to successfully identify illness and its causes, and to support people on their journey to health. Today, many M.D.'s, D.O.'s and health practitioners are either referring their patients to medical intuitives, or consulting with medical intuitives on their cases. I work with M.D.'s , D.O.s, and D.C.'s as well as alternative healthcare practitioners on a regular basis and have done so for several years.

A medical intuitive will first assess health and/or emotional issues by finding the root causes of an illness and any imbalance in the body. They will then suggest appropriate nutritional support, herbal medicine, and other healing modalities.

What to expect from a session with me

In a 50-minute session, I will use the art of muscle testing to identify the issues you are dealing with, and to help find solutions to bring you back to a state of wellness.

As a clairsentient, I use mind-body listening to feel into your chemical, emotional, physical, lifestyle and spiritual bodies. I find the root cause of your illness, where it is stored in your body, what overgrowths and toxins it consists of. I will assess how best to remove it from your body, and will also look for any emotional patterns holding it in place.

The danger of overgrowths in the body

Overgrowths (yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites) are considered a damp condition in traditional Chinese medicine. They can disturb the delicate balance of your health and lead to more serious health conditions if left untreated.

I sense where these overgrowths are in your body and guide you toward cleansing them by using a diet plan, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and emotional release techniques suited specifically for you. 

My experience

I have been studying integrative health since 1986 and developing my skills as a medical intuitive since 1999. I have helped thousands of clients recover from illnesses that include bacterial and parasitic infections due to Lyme disease, co-infections, and other infectious diseases and discomforts.

How to book a session

I am available for over-the-phone or in-person consultations. To book a session with me, or for information regarding my classes on  "Awakening Your Intuition To Self-Healing Using The Art Of Muscle Testing" please call 207-590-8205. Thank you and be well, Padi 



 For a 1 hour session click here ($225.00)

 For a 1/2 hour session click here ($130.00)