Padi Mayhew

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."
Joseph Campbell


The healing arts have always intrigued me - healthy nutrition, herbal remedies, vibrational medicine, body work, energy work, and a spiritual connection. I remember as a child growing up in Quebec, Canada, and listening to my French Canadian grandfather talk passionately of how he assisted his 14 children overcome illnesses through herbs and foods indigenous to the area. Then one day as a teenager I stepped into a local health food store "Le Sesame" I felt a connection with this community. Healthy organic foods and herbal remedies became my way of life.
In the mid 1980s in Colorado I studied under the teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen who wrote many books and had healing centers in California. His philosophy was "Nature has a Remedy," which I soon adopted.
In the late 1990s I was introduced to an applied kinesiologist and well-known medical intuitive, Dr. Miriam Wolf, whom I worked with for many years. She taught me the art of long-distance muscle testing and assisted me with information to take control of my own health. This inspired me to further my studies in long-distance healing and alternative health with an emphasis on herbal remedies based on traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It soon became a passion and, in time, after many years of self testing, I discovered it was much easier to muscle test for others. I worked with close friends and family members and then life gave me another challenge. It was then that my gift took me to an even deeper level of awareness where I listened with a greater sense of guidance.
I used my years of creativity as an artist, my own sensitivities and accumulated knowledge and began assisting clients back to health and wellness using guided information.

For several years now I have helped people overcome Lyme disease, co-infections such as babesia/bartonella, digestive issues, food allergies, weight loss, chronic fatigue, detox, inflammation and general malaise. I give clients a customized protocol using nutritional, emotional, physical and lifestyle information.

I have co-created formulas for an alternative, safe and effective protocol for Lyme disease and co-infections. I would like to thank all of my guides and teachers along with the many health practitioners and physicians whom I have met on my journey for their support and dedication in assisting me to achieve my vision and continue my passion for alternative and effective approaches to health and well-being. Thank you!